Dec. 20 2012

Dr. Stephen Browning

Stanford Research Institute

Allen Telescope Array

333 Edgarswood Ave.

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Dr. Browning,

I am sorry to disturb you on holiday, but I am writing you to request a favor of the highest importance.  

I understand that the following request goes against protocol of SRI, but its completion is imperative.  It is of utter importance that you do not discuss this matter with any of your colleagues.  I would perform the scan myself, but my access to the 100-m dish at Max-Planck has been compromised by my own carelessness.  Please understand that what you will find has the potential to change course of history.  Nevertheless, you must maintain absolute secrecy regarding the project.  Powerful forces are aware of this discovery and have conspired to keep it hidden from the general public at all costs.   I wish I could fully convey the magnitude of this undertaking, but I cannot take such risk in this correspondence.  

For the 8 hour period between 12.31.12 20:00 GMT and 1.1.13 4:00 GMT,  Please train the ATA towards the Ophiucus Constellation.  Right Ascension: 17h 57m 48.49803s  Declination: +04° 41′ 36.2072″.  Set your center frequency to 8.415 GHz.  

Once you down convert, you should recognize the data format as MPEG-4.  Store the data on an external drive.  Return the telescope to home position.  Erase all data from the network for the duration of the scan, including the telescope control parameters.  Take the drive to Dr. Aston Wise at the Starset Society in Sunnyvale immediately.  Do not view the data.  Do not email it.  Drive it to Dr. Wise yourself.

Destroy this letter.  Do not attempt to contact me.

I have always considered you a great friend.  The times we shared at the IAU conferences are dear to my heart (especially those late nights for Oktoberfest in Munich after IAU 2009!).  Goodbye.

Gerhard Gregor

Principal Investigator der Theoretischen Astrophysik