STARSET - Band Formed in 2013 to spread the Message of The Starset Society

In 2013, STARSET, a touring rock group, was formed as a part of our early outreach campaign needs. STARSET is now a globally recognized rock band; working with talented musicians, producers, and media affiliates in effort to spread awareness of The Starset Society and it’s mission.

STARSET has toured extensively within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and East & Western Europe seeking as many audiences as possible. The band calls it’s performances “Demonstrations”, calling out The Starset Society’s focal points and current program themes as part of it’s message. These Demonstrations are cinematic, immersive and science fiction themed in nature. They are aimed at grabbing the attention of youthful and intrigued individuals, interested in science, technology and their various impacts on the future of the human race.starset-steve-gullick-photo-19-low